Pouya Heydari

I’m Pouya Heydari

I’m a 4-years-experienced and certified Android developer/Android instructor.
I code in Kotlin and Java and I have certifications from Android ATC and Jetbrains.
I always follow all new technologies in my profession and implement newest tools in my applications.

About Me

Pouya Heydari

Hello, My Name is Pouya Heydari

I’m a certified Android developer. I have certificates from Android ATC and Jetbrains. I code in Kotlin and Java and use latest technologies like Dagger 2, Retrofit, RxJava, LiveData, Room, ListAdapter, NavigationComponent, Git, and … also architectures like MVc, MVP and MVVM and patterns like Observer, Dependency Injection, Repository, Singletone and…

Name: Pouya Heydari

Languages: English, Persian

Location: Tehran, Iran

Email: pouyaheydary [at] gmail.com

My skills

As I mentioned before, I always follow latest technologies and best practices in my profession. Here is a list of technologies that I have used in most of my applications:

Android Development


Retrofit - Gson

LiveData - ViewModel - Room


Navigation Component

Repository Pattern


DI / Dagger 2

RxJava - RxAndroid



Safe Args

Single Activity

Projects completed
Happy customers
Years experience



Making Android applications for your company or startup


Refactoring your old code to clean one


Teaching you how to make Android applications

Team Gathering

Gathering a technical team for your project


Advise your company for managing your mobile team

Remote Projects

Projects from all over the world!


Oct 2018 - Present

Android Developer at Keyvan IT

KIT is a law firm that helps people with their daily legal needs. As the only Android developer there, I managed to develop their Android application on my own. After a year, the Android team grew to 4 developers. o Developed whole Shahrdaad Android application as the only Android developer in KIT in almost 5 months o Used the most up-to-date technologies o Made 5 open-sourced libraries during development

Jan 2019 - Present

Android Instructor at Sematec

Sematec is one the most popular institutes in Iran. I teach 3 courses in Sematec as the only Android instructor there. o Basic Java (OOP, Variables, Functions, Classes, Conditions, and…) o Basic Android (Lifecycle, Activity, Fragment, Service, Networking, and…) o Advanced Android (DI, Retrofit, MVVM, MVP, Kotlin, and…)

Oct 2018 - Oct 2019

Android Instructor at MFT

MFT institute has lots of branches in Iran. I used to teach 2 courses in MFT Vanak branch. o Introduction to programming (Diagrams, conditions, loops, and…) o Android Pack (Including basic Java + basic Android)

Aug 2017 - Jan 2019

Android developer at Fatec Co.

Fatech is an IT company with many employees. The company launched a startup for renting and booking apartments all over Iran. After a while added tour package reservation and eventually a feature to find near places. Unfortunately, after about 3 years it failed. o Developed the whole application as the only Android developer in almost 4 months o Consulted project owner about design and features o Used latest technologies in the application

Feb 2018 - Sep 2018

Android developer at Eligasht

Eligasht is one the most famous travel agencies in Iran. The company sales plane tickets and tour packages. o Refactored their old code to match new technologies o Fixed bugs o Worked in a team of 4 Android developers o Reduced the APK size by 50%

Apr 2017 - Feb 2018

Android developer at Yaico

Yaico was the IT based section of the “Kalaresan” company that has been providing a package delivery service since 2000. We made a platform for Kalaresan services called “KBK” and also an online taxi platform called “Kaleskeh”. o Worked in a team of 2 Android developers o Learnt to use best practices and latest technologies o Learnt Jira, Trello and Agile development

jan 2013 - May 2016

Project Manager at Yara Mobile

Yara Mobile is an IT based company. I managed development process of several mobile projects that the company was making in corporation with MTN Irancell. Like Najva, Pishvaz, Footmob, and…


Pouya Heydari is a creative android programmer and everyday deals with the challenges strongly. it's a pleasure to work together...


Mehrdad Goodarzi

IOS developer at KIAN

As a student, I have learnt a lot from Pouya Heydari. He is a passionated teacher and a highly skilled Android Developer


Roxana Teymouri

Android Developer at hmmh GmbH

Pouya is a hardworking and committed person to his work, he is so passionate and creative. I was satisfied working with him.


Farhad Davarpanah

Founder at Parsaran

Pouya Heydari has a great ability to connect with his customers and help them to know what exactly they need. this is the key of his success


Omid Soleiman

Freelance .Net Developer

Pouya Heydari is one of the best developers that I have worked with during my professional life time as an Android developer.


Amirhossein Teymouri

Android Developer at Mobility One

I have learnt so many things in my life and job from Pouya Heydari and if I want to describe him, I just can say he is really ambitious for promoting himself and his professional knowledge. for achieving this, he is always trying and never gives up.


Reza Zavare

Android developer at KIT


My Certificates

Kotlin for Java developers
Android Certified Application Engineer
Android Certified Application Developer
Android Certified Trainer

My Libraries

Android App Updater
date picker

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