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MusicManager Android application


Several months ago I decided to publish my first educational Android application named MusicManager.

This application’s main purpose is to demonstrate latest technologies in Android to Android developers.

So as you guess, it’s not an Android application that you use everyday. People usually download it to see its workflow and performance.

Music manager is an application that you can search any artist name in it, see his/her top albums and see songs that are available in that album. additionally you can save a album in your local database to use it later.

So overly, there are 4 major features in this application:

  1. Saved albums : shows albums saved by user. works also in offline mode
  2. Search artist
  3. Top albums : shows top albums of the selected artist.
  4. Album details : shows details of the selected album
Music Manager Android application
MusicManager Android application

To make this application, I have used:

  • MVVM
  • Room
  • ViewModel
  • ViewModelFactory
  • DI via Dagger 2
  • Retrofit
  • RxJava
  • Kotlin
  • LiveData
  • Navigation Component
  • Single Activity
  • Safe Args
  • DiffUtils
  • ListAdapter

If you want to learn any of these topics, I suggest you to check the code out. I have commented every single public function/class and checked the code with ktLint and SonarLint to make sure its readable enough.

If you are interested in the application itself, you can download it from GooglePlay. If you prefer the code like me, check my GitHub account for that.

Also it’s important to mention that I have used last.fm api to provide the data.

I would be more than happy if you share your ideas about this application with me in the comment section below or any other ways that you prefer.

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