Pouya Heydari

Kaleskeh Driver

Kaleskeh Driver Android application

Kallaresan Company, under the KBK brand, has been concentrating on the retail area for over 5 years with specialized activities in the field of receiving, sending and clearing. From the day-to-day sales of a small business or manufacturing unit to sending small packages of goods around the country to the need for fast and secure shipping of corporate and financial documents or the domestic need of a citizen to deliver a small package on time And it requires all the specialized and efficient methods that can fully comply with internationally approved security protocols on freight, high speed, and reasonable cost for the transmitter and receiver. Currently, this complex with a wide network of branches in more than 5 cities and the deployment of full automation system in four passenger terminals of Tehran (South, East, West and Baihaqi) is the only Iranian standard standard of transport services. It is a retailer in the country responsible for receiving, transporting and clearing small international cargo companies operating in this field in Iran.

in Yaico we were a group of 2 Android developers and we developed 2 pair of applications.
The first pair was like Uber application, so I made an application for passengers and another for driver.